The Corporate Exodus

How America's Top Companies Build A Winning Culture (to Attract, Develop and Keep their Emerging Leaders)

Based on in-depth interviews and research of companies listed on Forbes "Best Blaces to Work"


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Are You Ready to Create a Winning Entrepreneurial Culture for Your Business?

The U.S. Department of Labor reports that an average of 2 million people quit their jobs each every month.

So, why are they leaving?

If you want to know the answer to this question, keep reading…

These are uncertain yet exciting times we are entering. It’s a new culture in the workplace and a completely new way of maximizing your best resource – your employees. If your goal is to create a winning entrepreneurial culture that not only attracts the ‘best of the best,’ but also retains top talent then you’ll want to read, "The Corporate Exodus: How America's Top Companies Build a Winning Culture (to Attract, Develop and Keep their Emerging Leaders). Learn everything you need to know about today’s business culture and how to thrive in it.

Author, Rae Majors-Wildman not only brings her only expertise to the book, she goes behind the scenes of some of the top places to work like Zappos, TRX, Facebook and Google to explore how they’ve created an entrepreneurial culture that’s highly successful. You’ll learn how to create the perfect workplace for all employees from the receptionist to the CEO. Find out how all of the components come together to create a work environment where employees want to be part of a highly productive culture.

Learn from the best on how to take advantage of the latest business culture taking the world by storm. Take the quiz and discover where your business stands. Then learn what the traits of a winning entrepreneurial culture look like. Find out why authentic leadership and strong values are so important to create the kind of work environment that’s highly successful, because accountability is what today’s employee desires to stick around. Learn how you can keep it real and successful all at the same time.

This comprehensive book leaves nothing unturned. Learn about the various leadership styles and how to be a better leader in today’s workplace environment. Answer the tough questions about why you are in business and what your core values are. Learn how to identify the rising stars in your organization and make sure you know how to keep the ‘rock stars’ employed with your company and not moving on to the competition.

If you haven’t heard about the ALIGN system that Rae Majors-Wildman has created, it’s time you did, because it’s what will allow you to create an ideal workplace. You’ll learn explicit action plans and turnkey solutions that are the result of decades of practice, endless research, and real case studies. The focus is to empower you with a blueprint that will allow you to be successful with cultural change in your organization.

Today’s business environment is like a new frontier. The Corporate Exodus: How America's Top Companies Build a Winning Culture,” takes the guesswork out of it, and gives you a jump on the competition. Don’t wait to get this great read in your hands.

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Chapter 1: The Corporate Exodus 2
Why I Wrote This Book 3
Why Are They Leaving? 5
The Generational Challenge on the Horizon 16
The Corporate Escape Artist 17

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Meet Rae

An award-winning business strategist, sought after speaker, best-selling author and CEO/President of Rae Majors-Wildman International.

Majors-Wildman has been trained by some of the best business leaders in the U.S. – from Brian Buffini, Tony Robbins and John Assaraf to Chet Holmes (who was responsible for doubling seven divisions of Warren Buffet’s partner Charlie Munger). It is no wonder why her clients get RESULTS.

With over 15,000 coaching hours under her belt, she has successfully coached and trained individuals and organizations from startup at the ground-level to Fortune 100 companies.  Some of the companies impacted by RMW International includes Microsoft, T-Mobile, 5/3 Bank, City of Santa Ana, Wells Fargo, Re/Max, Oklahoma Gas and Electric and BEI Networks, just to name a few.

Rae is committed to helping companies who struggle with attracting and retaining top employees.  She solves their problem by taking a G.P.S. approach to developing emerging and the next generation of leaders.

Majors-Wildman has a Degree in Counseling Psychology, mother of two amazing boys and happily resides with her husband in Southern California.

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